Friday, June 29, 2012

How to unlock Linksys PAP2 from Vonage service

The following instructions will allow you to unlock the Linksys PAP2 device from the Vonage service. It also will enable the web admin interface so you can edit all the settings.
This is necessary if you want yo use the device with another IP telephony service provider.

Make sure you know what you are doing, because Vonage locks you out of certain settings so that you wont mess them up. If you do mess them up, I wont take any of the blame considering I got this information from Vonage, Not from hacking. Hope it works for you.

Follow these step to unlock the ADMIN portion of your Web Interface Linksys PAP2 Adapter.

First keep the PAP2 adapter from accessing the Internet 
by unplugging your the cable modem.

Now do in these steps:

Pick up your phone and dial:

Then dial 73738#
Password is: (usually) 7756112# could be: 8995523#
enter 1 to confirm press # Hang up

pick up the phone and dial
then 7932# 
Password is: 78196365
Press 1 to Confirm and then hang up.

This just enabled the Web Interface if needed.

Now if you need the IP address of your PAP2 Dial
Enter: 110# and put that number in your Web Browser
You should gain access to the web server at this point.

Here is the fun stuff. Click Admin Login in the top right hand side. 

I assume this is where many people have been stuck!

User name: admin
Password: kImkGPHA


Anything you do after this is up to you!


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